How Achievements 3.0 Was Designed

Earlier today, I released version 3.5 of my Achievements for WordPress plugin. If you’ve not heard of the plugin before, it’s a great way to gamify your WordPress site with challenges, badges, and points. I’d like to share some notes on how Achievements for WordPress was designed.

I’ve been working on Achievements for several years, and about a year ago, I shipped version 3.0, which was a massive rewrite from the 2.x versions. It took me about a year on-and-off to build as I was working on the project myself in my spare (limited) time, while trying to maintain the 2.x version, and work on several other plugins.

During a recent tidy-up, I re-discovered a couple of  notebooks full of sketches and notes that I made during the 3.0 rewrite. It was pretty interest to take a fresh look at my old notes again, so I’ve scanned in a few of the more interesting pages that cover the original templating ideas, the leaderboard, and the Heartbeat API-powered “Live Notifications”.