How Achievements 3.0 Was Designed

Earlier today, I released version 3.5 of my Achievements for WordPress plugin. If you’ve not heard of the plugin before, it’s a great way to gamify your WordPress site with challenges, badges, and points. I’d like to share some notes on how Achievements for WordPress was designed.

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How would we build galactic-scale beacons to attract the attention of extraterrestrials?

Back in the day, I ran the old SETI Online program on my computer (over 56k dial-up!) to help to try to detect signals made by another civilisation. Best as I know, we haven’t found ET yet, but until today I’ve never even considered what effort it would take us to send such a beacon out to the galaxy.

This interesting presentation by James Benford on Youtube (paper) has a bunch of thought-provoking ideas about this.

BuddyPress Translations 1.6f

Version 1.6f of BuddyPress Translations has been released. 1.6f comes with an updated Slovak translation.

Continued big thanks to all the polyglots who contribute the translations for BuddyPress; maybe we should see about adding automatic download of language files to a future version of BuddyPress ;)

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Achievements 3 for WordPress now available

After an extremely long time in development, I’m very pleased to be finally able to announce Achievements 3 for WordPress. Go grab it from!

Learn more about the plugin on

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BuddyPress Translations 1.6e

Version 1.6e of BuddyPress Translations has been released. 1.6e comes with new French and Hungarian translations, and the latest versions of all the other translations (noticeably, Spanish!).

Big thanks to all the polyglots who contribute the translations for BuddyPress.

#i18n, #translation