Plugin — WP Re-Importer

As a fork of the standard WordPress Importer plugin, WP Re-Importer adds a new importer which provides the following features:

  • Importing content that already exists will add the new version as a post revision
  • A default parent post can be set for content that doesn’t have a hierarchy defined in the WordPress export file

If you don’t need these features, you should use the standard WordPress Importer.


Get WP Re-Importer from For support, visit forums.

2 thoughts on “Plugin — WP Re-Importer

  1. Paul, hello,

    love your re-importer.

    however, I want to report a problem I had with one site. It messed up the custom menu I had made. Each menu item became 4 entries. I am not sure if this is an issue due to non-compliant theme I am using or what?

    just want to report to you.

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