Six Little Habits: The Bad Ones.

Over at sixuntilme, Kerri’s listed six of her diabetes “bad habits.” I thought I’d share mine; I can’t do six, but here’s four:

Not changing finger-stabber needle

I’m not quite leaving these until they are rusty, but not far from it! I have recently switch to using the Accu-Chek Multiclix, which has a drum of stabbers in which you rotate around after use. I’m not changing the drum daily – more like twice a week – but I’m working on it.

Autopilot basal rates

Since starting the pump about a year or so ago, it’s changed my life; it’s wonderful. However, there are times when I know I need to do a period of intensive testing so I can assess and make changes to basal rates. In fact, I need to do that right now, but it feels too much like work so I keep putting it off. Maybe later this week!

Selective memory for glucose trends

It has been known that when I visit my diabetes care team, I get very guilty and start making up all sorts of crazy excuses when they point out the very obvious which I’ve somehow missed. Probably linked to point 2 above. I ought to put some time aside every couple of weeks to adjust the basals.


Same as Kerri. For an explanation for those not in the know, see this post of Kerri’s from 2005.