Wpmu.org look at the Achievements plugin

Sarah Gooding at wpmu.org has taken a look at my Achievements plugin for BuddyPress. I think it’s a great writeup and certainly has inspired me to carry on improving it. Take a look.

9 thoughts on “Wpmu.org look at the Achievements plugin

  1. Hi anders, thanks for commenting.
    As far as I know it works fine on BP 1.1.3 and WPMU 2.8.6. I haven’t tested against WPMU 2.9.* yet, though it should work. If you give me some more details I can investigate the problem?


  2. I have it running on 2.9 but it doesn’t seem to display in the settings, when you go to the settings : /members/[name]/achievements it just goes back to the main site and wont display the settings.

    When you are at members/[name]/ is displays the Achievements link between “groups” and “settings ” links but again if you click it it takes you back to the root.



  3. I love Achievements, but have also found a specific bug. The latest version does not show the status bar graphs in Safari or Firefox, but does show them in IE. I’m using WpMU 2.91 and BP 1.2. Please try to update soon.


  4. I had to deactivate Achievements because it was giving a fatal error (call to unidentified function bp_core_get_userurl() in dp-achievements.php line 676).

    Maybe this is just for me because I am using Facebook Connect. I am using BP 1.2.1.


    1. Hi Sam
      Achievements hasn’t been tested against BP 1.2, I am working on a new version. It looks like it uses an deprecated function (bp_core_get_userurl). In the interim you could choose to use the ‘BP Back Compat’ plugin to provide this function.


      1. Thanks for the info. As I don’t want to use the “back compat” plugin and my site is new anyway, I will just wait for the update…

        (I noticed, even though I deactivated the plugin, there still are “Contribution” notices in the dashboards in my site).


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