How to get a list of BuddyPress' actions.

As part of research for a new version of my Achievements plugin for BuddyPress, I need a list of all the BuddyPress action names.

For non-developers, actions are the hooks that WordPress & BuddyPress launches at specific points during execution, or when specific events occur. This allows plugin developers to hook into these events and do whatever they want.

It took me a while, but here’s how you can use the terminal (on Mac or Linux) to find all BuddyPress’ actions.

grep -r -h "do_action( '[aA0-zZ9+]*' )" . | awk -F "['']" '{print $2}' | uniq

9 thoughts on “How to get a list of BuddyPress' actions.

  1. When I activated your plugin none of the “javascript” option in the admin area worked anymore e.g. dragging of widgets, the “screen” button at the top and so on. I took me some to figure out what it exactly was. So I just wanted to share this with you.


    1. Hi Tom

      Yes, I am working a new version currently. I’m rewriting big chunks of functionality rather than just updating for BP 1.2, so it looks like it will be a few weeks until I have a beta ready.


  2. Hi Paul,

    Is your achievements plugin source in a svn/git repo somewhere? I’ve been writing something very similar – well, almost identical – and I’ll probably merge the two. I’ve already been looking at fixing the reference to deprecated/removed buddy press functions.




    1. Sounds great — as soon as I finish up my current client projects, i’m going to dive in and focus only on Achievements, so I’ll do a post when that happens to update.


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