Welcome Pack 2.0 released

The other day, I released version 2.0 of my Welcome Pack plugin for BuddyPress. The big new feature is the ability to customise the text of the default emails that BuddyPress sends.

For those new to Welcome Pack, check out this intro video:

I haven’t had huge amounts of feedback yet, which probably means I didn’t break anything — always a good sign. There has been a report on the BuddyPress forums from someone running into difficulty with Welcome Pack on a site with over three thousand users; I’m waiting for some feedback from the person concerned and will probably do a minor patch to resolve it.

4 thoughts on “Welcome Pack 2.0 released

  1. Hi,

    Great plugin !

    My problem is when I want to customise the default emails sent by BuddyPress, I have empty list whithout any email title..

    I’m using BP 1.2.3 translated in french (as WPMU). I’ve tested with english language : same bug.

    Any idea ?

    Excuse my english !

    Thanks, Guillaume.

    PS, I’ve post this problem here : http://wordpress.org/support/topic/387433?replies=1


  2. The Welcome Pack is great – but as admin I seem to be getting a copy of the Welcome email every time someone joins!

    Messages are reaching new joiners, as I’ve checked with a test account.


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