Welcome Pack 2.0.2

Due out this evening (23rd April), Welcome Pack 2.0.2 will contain a pair of fixes which will correct the filenames of the bundled localisation files, and fix a bug where the text in the email selection menu wasn’t showing the translated text.

Slava kindly contributed the above bug fixes and has sent in a Russian translation, which is cool; thanks very much.

Ray suggested that the username and group name lists should be sorted alphabetically rather than by user ID, which I agree with, so that will also be in the new version.

2 thoughts on “Welcome Pack 2.0.2

  1. Dear paul!

    I have a problem with the welcome pack. Once I installed, I changed the “new message” part of the e-mail section. I would like to reset the default. Therefore I removed and reinstalled it, but it kept the changed version.

    Please help, if you can!

    Thanks in advance!

    Mate Varga (Hungary)


  2. Hi Mate
    That’s a good idea for a new button in the next version. In the interm, delete the ‘welcomepack’ record in your wp_options (or wp_1_options, etc) database table. This will clear all the settings.


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