Welcome Pack 2.1 released

Welcome Pack 2.1 has just been released, which adds Start Page; when the new user logs into your site for the very first time, use Start Page to redirect them anywhere you’d like.

For those new to Welcome Pack, check out this intro video, updated for 2.1:

6 thoughts on “Welcome Pack 2.1 released

    1. Roger, it’s appearing fine for me. It uses flash, in case you’re using a blocker.


  1. Hi, I have the same problem, cannot see the video, tried with Safari and Firefox, just updated the flash to make sure, but nothing…


  2. Hello Paul,

    we are trying to use your welcome-pack for our buddypress – but I´ve trouble to make my settings – wp-admin shows no config for me – what´s wrong ?

    we use wp 3.0.4 an bp 1.2.6 with FF or IE

    thx for help


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