New plugin: BP Labs

I’ve just released a new plugin, which I’m calling BP Labs. Inspired by both GMail Labs and John O’Nolan‘s UI Labs, BP Labs contains two unofficial BuddyPress experiments; @mentions autosuggest and Quick Admin.

Though I work on BuddyPress core, this is 100% unofficial and all my own work. More experiments to come!

Download BP Labs at

Support and feedback at

2 thoughts on “New plugin: BP Labs

  1. Hi Paul,

    My name is Andrew, I am with WebHostingHub Support. We would like to translate your BP Labs plugin that we found at to Spanish language, no charge of course, to help people from Hispanic community better manage their websites. Would that be ok with you?

    I hope I’ll hear from you soon.

    Kind regards

    Andrew Kurtis
    WebHostingHub Support


    1. Howdy!

      Sure, if you want; thanks! Be aware that “BP Labs” is a plugin I considered mothballed for the time being. No further plans to update it at the moment.


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