Help me get a list of sites using #buddypress

If your site, or company, uses BuddyPress, please let me know. I’m trying to make a big list for a presentation. In particular, I’d love to hear from medium/large companies.

Please reply in comments, or to @pgibbs on Twitter, or email me if you want to keep it confidential. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Help me get a list of sites using #buddypress


    and while I am here, and why i got here:


    I would like to implement BuddyPress and bbPress on my site, and need a Community Organizer:-)

    Someone who is well versed in these two tools, technically and especially conceptually how they work.

    I need someone to set up the system[s] (they are 80% done, btw), maintain them, and promote them.

    If you are or know someone who fits the bill, PLEASE tell me about them or vice versa.


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