BP Labs 1.2; Activity Stream Spam

Last week, the BuddyPress core team put out the first beta of BuddyPress 1.5; I’m extremely thrilled that it’s so close to release now. It’s set to be the best BuddyPress yet, and I’m looking forward to people enjoying all of the enhancements we’ve put into it. Once 1.5’s out, I plan to shift some of my time to back to working on new and old BuddyPress plugins.

I’ve had time this weekend to get my BP Labs plugin close to another release. The big feature, as previous mentioned, is integrating Akismet into the Activity Stream. It’s going to be a pretty rudimentary implementation in the first release, as I need to think about how the admin UI is best done, and how it should or shouldn’t match WordPress’ comment spam handling. Here’s a screenshot of the admin UI so far, which is what I’ve spent this afternoon on:

Activity Stream spam, admin UI
Activity Stream spam, admin UI

2 thoughts on “BP Labs 1.2; Activity Stream Spam

  1. I’m excited about BP 1.5 too, it would have been even better if you’d skipped all the way to 2.0 😉

    Will the current Achievements work well with BP 1.5 or would it be better to wait until you’ve had time to release an update?

    Thanks, as ever, for all your hard work Paul.

    P.S. Most of your spam seems to be coming from this fellow “admin” and his sidekick “test”, you should think about banning them.


    1. I’m not sure about Achievements; I’ve not had lots of time to test, and it seemed to work at a cursory glance when I checked a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t test everything. It’s on the todo asap.


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