BP Labs 1.2-beta-1

BP Labs 1.2-beta-1 should be available on WordPress.org, soon. What’s new?

  • Added caching to @mentions autosuggest; it speeds up multiple requests for the same query.
  • Added Activity Stream Spam experiment (requires BuddyPress 1.5).

Activity Stream Spam requires BuddyPress 1.5; it won’t do anything on earlier versions of BuddyPress. 1.5 is due out soon, and is itself currently in beta (go test!). The admin backend for un-spamming (or “hamming”) activity items looks like this.

Activity Stream Spam management panel

Please note you’ll need to have WordPress’ standard Akismet plugin set up, configured and working. In beta 1, there is no way of manually marking an activity item as spam; Akismet will use its best judgement.

I wanted to get this out as soon as possible so people can (hopefully) test the core functionality, in order for a final release a little while after BuddyPress 1.5 goes out. Let me know in comments any bugs or feedback.

6 thoughts on “BP Labs 1.2-beta-1

  1. Hi Paul, I dont know how your plugin work but I’ve a suggestion concerning “@mentions auto suggest”, I think that the list of suggestions must bu grabbed from the page that we are!!
    I know!! it’s unclear, I’ll explain: for example I’m posting a reply in a forum topic the plugin will suggest only the persons who replied to this topic and the the writer of course (or group’s members).
    when I would update my activity the plugin will suggest from friend list only, when I would post in my group wall it will suggest from group’s members and like that the plugin will be verry rapid 😉


    1. Hi hohodz,
      Thanks for the feedback. I had thought about making it context-sensitive, as you are suggesting, but I haven’t looked at how to implement that just yet. Hopefully will be done in a future version.


      1. Sounds a little unnecessary to me because you wouldn’t want autosuggest to limit who you could @mention. You just want it to make it easier to find the name you’re looking for, regardless of the context. What if you wanted to @mention someone in a group topic that was not yet apart of that group topic? You wouldn’t be able to.

        Also, I’m using 1.2 (I’m pretty sure it’s Beta 1), and I notice a lag when you type “@” and at least one character: It says it’s loading, then it goes back up, then it goes back down to display the names. Also, it extends to the right too far, resulting in a horizontal scroll bar – http://oi56.tinypic.com/m79mj8.jpg. It happens with the Frisco theme, too, I think.


        1. That’s a known issue with BP Default 1.5. It is proving very challenging to fix so far! It only affects those “what’s up” activity boxes. It should work fine with areas such as the private message compose window.


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