I’m pleased to announce WordHat. WordHat is an integration layer between Behat, Mink, and WordPress, providing WordPress-specific functionality for common testing scenarios specific to WordPress sites.

Behat is a behaviour-driven development framework for PHP, but it can also be used for automated, in-browser testing. This article on ThinkShout’s site gives a good introduction to Behat and Mink:

Behat tests are written in plain English phrases which are then combined into human-readable scenarios. This was inspired by Ruby’s Cucumber project and Gherkin syntax. This is probably the most appealing aspect of Behat. Most tests are understandable by anyone, whether you’re a developer, project manager, or business owner.

Behat is the core framework used for running tests. It is capable of testing several types of systems: terminal commands, REST APIs, etc. To enable Behat to test web pages, you need to add Mink and a browser emulator to the mix. Mink functions as the connector between Behat and browser emulators, and provides a consistent testing API.

So when you hear people talking about Behat, they’re usually talking about all three components: Behat, Mink, and browser emulators.

WordHat aims to be the go-to solution for developers and site owners wishing to run browser testing against their WordPress sites, and for those practicing behaviour-driven development. It’s ready today in an alpha state for early adopters, and many opportunities exist to help shape it grow.

Check the website for more information, or find WordHat on Github.

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