Organising Github Issues

Zach Dunn, writing for Robin Powered, Inc: “How we organize GitHub issues: A simple styleguide for tagging

For people who make software, the internet has no shortage of best practice for workflow organization like Git Flow, release versioning, GitHub, etc. When you get to the topic of issue management, the reading material plummets.

At Robin, GitHub issues are the core of just about every action the team takes. Over the past year, we’ve worked out an internal tagging system that keeps engineering and product efforts organized across repositories on Github. We’re sharing the current iteration (and it will keep changing) in case your team is looking for some workflow inspiration.

This is a great idea. I came across it when looking to better organise issues for my project, WordHat. I’m going to suggest to my colleagues at Human Made that we adopt something similar for our projects.

Bonus: Mads Ohm Larsen has made this a convenient Bash script.