Homebuyers: visualise your floorplan into 3D

Archilogic: “Web-based 3D platform for architecture and interiors.

Whether you want to explore your own home or look to market another property, we provide you with the right tools and inspiration. Explore beautiful furniture and materials in a virtual model of your home.

I’m currently in the market to buy/sell a property, and while daydreaming about interiors, I came across the /r/MaleLivingSpace subreddit. It has a thread whereby you link to a floorplan, and a bot replies with a link to an interactive 3d model of that floorplan.

Archilogic is the service behind the bot. I’ve tried it with some floorplans from random properties on Rightmove, and it works really surprisingly well. It also has tools for doing full interior design within that model, which I haven’t tried yet.

Here’s a sample: before, after.