The tyranny of version numbers

Managing a software project around version numbers holds back prompt releases of new features. To paraphrase a Hollywood pirate, they're more like guidelines, anyway. I've been fortunate (read: stubborn enough) to have been contributing code to BuddyPress since around late 2009. In those early days of the project, the time between releases has fluctuated significantly. … Continue reading The tyranny of version numbers

WordPress developer’s guide to BuddyPress

Here's the scenario: you build WordPress-powered sites for a living, or maybe for free, or even just as a hobby. Someone asks you to build their next site using a feature or two from BuddyPress. "Sure, no problem", you say. In the privacy of your head, you're thinking "I haven't used BuddyPress before, but it's meant to … Continue reading WordPress developer’s guide to BuddyPress