The tyranny of version numbers

Managing a software project around version numbers holds back prompt releases of new features. To paraphrase a Hollywood pirate, they're more like guidelines, anyway. I've been fortunate (read: stubborn enough) to have been contributing code to BuddyPress since around late 2009. In those early days of the project, the time between releases has fluctuated significantly. … Continue reading The tyranny of version numbers

WordPress developer’s guide to BuddyPress

Here's the scenario: you build WordPress-powered sites for a living, or maybe for free, or even just as a hobby. Someone asks you to build their next site using a feature or two from BuddyPress. "Sure, no problem", you say. In the privacy of your head, you're thinking "I haven't used BuddyPress before, but it's meant to … Continue reading WordPress developer’s guide to BuddyPress

How Achievements 3.0 Was Designed

Earlier today, I released version 3.5 of my Achievements for WordPress plugin. If you've not heard of the plugin before, it's a great way to gamify your WordPress site with challenges, badges, and points. I'd like to share some notes on how Achievements for WordPress was designed. I've been working on Achievements for several years, and … Continue reading How Achievements 3.0 Was Designed