Virtual machines and time drift

VMWare: "Timekeeping in VMWare Virtual Machines" Because virtual machines work by time-sharing host physical hardware, they cannot exactly duplicate the timing activity of physical machines. VMware® virtual machines use several techniques to minimize and conceal differences in timing performance, but the differences can still sometimes cause timekeeping inaccuracies and other problems in software running in … Continue reading Virtual machines and time drift

WordPress core functions that don’t scale

Automattic's VIP platform has advice on uncached WordPress functions: WordPress core has a number of functions that, for various reasons, are uncached, which means that calling them will always result in an SQL query. Below, we outline some of these functions. We have a helper file with cached versions of some of the functions, … Continue reading WordPress core functions that don’t scale

Homebuyers: visualise your floorplan into 3D

Archilogic: "Web-based 3D platform for architecture and interiors." Whether you want to explore your own home or look to market another property, we provide you with the right tools and inspiration. Explore beautiful furniture and materials in a virtual model of your home. I'm currently in the market to buy/sell a property, and while daydreaming … Continue reading Homebuyers: visualise your floorplan into 3D