BP Labs 1.3

I've just released version 1.3 of BP Labs; it's a plugin which contains unofficial and experimental BuddyPress features for testing and feedback. Long overdue, the update fixes a problem with autosuggest, and introduces a new feature: Like Button. Like Button requires the Activity component, and simply adds a "Like" button onto WordPress' Toolbar when viewing a … Continue reading BP Labs 1.3

BP Labs 1.2-beta-1

BP Labs 1.2-beta-1 should be available on WordPress.org, soon. What's new? Added caching to @mentions autosuggest; it speeds up multiple requests for the same query. Added Activity Stream Spam experiment (requires BuddyPress 1.5). Activity Stream Spam requires BuddyPress 1.5; it won't do anything on earlier versions of BuddyPress. 1.5 is due out soon, and is … Continue reading BP Labs 1.2-beta-1